Monday, November 15, 2010


Function Activities                              Documents
1 Definition                                           CR010
2 Operational Analysis As Is               RD10, RD20, RD50
3 Solution Design To Be                      BR30, BR10
4 Build Set up                                        BR100
5 Transition Testing                             TE40, MD50, MD70
6 Production User manual              GO LIVE

Document No                    Description
1 CR010                             Project Management Plan
2 RD10                               Identify Current Financial and OperatingStructure
3 RD20                              Conduct Current Business Baseline
4 RD 50                             Gather Business Requirement
5 BR030                            Business Requirement Solutions
6 BR010                           Gap Analysis
7 MD050                         Gaps are to be customized and will be build  
                                          Solution from Functional Design

8 MD070                         Technical Solutions for Functional Design
9 BR100                           Define Application Set ups (Set Up / Build)
10 TE020                        Test - Unit level
11 TE040                        Test Scripts
12 TE 050                       Integration (CRP)
13 TE130                        Bugs Identified by client will be recorded to      
                                         Generate in MD 50

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  1. If client is going for oats for automation of oracle apps ebs , what documents should be asked for by QA to the client?